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Epic Hop Zombie – A craft beer that will put hair on your chest and a smile on your face

This drop has inspired me to start home brewing again.

With enough extreme hoppy herbaceous-ness on the nose to wake the dead, it was simply impossible to put this one down long enough to catch my breath. A strong brew at 8.5%, mounds of bitterness, and lovely grainy malt backbone, it’s an Imperial IPA at its shining best. Whilst it screams over the top superlatives in its intent and delivery, it really is easy to drink and will satisfy a beer drinker across the spectrum. Comparison-wise, I’d say the creamier Zoofeeder from Modus Operandi is there, although the Epic has that essential bitterness that elongates the mouthfeel. Citrus and pine on the nose, resinous sweet malt on the palate, and long fruity finish.

The boys at Epic Brewery in Auckland have gone all out to ensure supply of the special sauce hops that flavour this ginormous beer, and we are grateful for it. NZ, please keep making beer like this!

Get it online at Dan Murphys.


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