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Making Work Visible (Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow) – Dominica Degrandis

Dominica is a collaborator with IT Revolution, the company founded by Gene Kim shortly after Phoenix Project. So her work in Making Work Visible very clearly carries on the key themes and messages from that seminal tome.

One of the central ideas is described in the subtitle – the idea of “time theft” and Dominica identifies five thieves:

1. Too much work-in-process
2. Unknown dependencies
3. Unplanned work
4. Conflicting priorities
5. Neglected work

I think we can all identify with one or all of these thieves, and understand the impact to important work! But it’s the methods Dominica outlines for bringing these thieves to light that resonated with me on many levels, and the practical applications for it in our own environment. How to detect the thieves early, what’s their true impact in terms of Cost of Delay, how to manage them using structured Kanban boards, and the metrics you need to apply to measure and improve. The standout metric is ‘Flow Time’ (Process Time + Wait Time) – which equates Lead Time in the VSM world. At the end of the day, this is the primary indicator of work flowing efficiently through an organisation.

Highly highly recommended read/listen. Get it now from Amazon.


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